Acronym for Our Business: B.R.E.A.D                                        B. Bountiful R. Reliable E. Efficient A. Accurate D. Dedicated




Our new company byline reflects our daily mission:   

"Promoting Local Artisan Bakers, Farmers and Canadian Workers" 




Organic Breads, Sourdough breads, Spelt, Kamut, Rye, Barley, Oat bran, Sprouted, Whole Wheat, all natural bread, gluten free breads, representing the best artisan bakers, bakeries in Ontario and Quebec and serving the health food stores of Ontario.

Breads from Bread Roots delivery area

History of Bread 

Bread has been a staple food since the very early roots of the human race. It’s the main reason we called our company Bread Roots in recognition of the timelessness of the ancient grains of spelt, kamut, barley, rye and wheat. Anthropologists have found bread loaves and grain millstones at sites dated as far back as 5,000 years ago. Bread is mentioned over 20 times in the Bible, and is the one material request made in The Lord's Prayer, which asks, "Give us this day our daily bread." In addition, historical records show that bread was a main staple of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as medieval Europe.



Significance of Bread 

Bread is important to the economies of all provinces in Canada. Frequent sales of bread create local job opportunities for farmers, agricultural scientists, grain distributors, bakers, packagers, equipment manufacturers and more. Bread production has its own infrastructure consisting of agriculture, grain storage, flour mills, bakeries and delivery vehicles. (ie Bread Roots). 

Bread has been central to the lives of all people throughout the ages. It is not a fad like the current best seller on the healthy snack shelves. Bread Roots delivers the best bread available fashioned by artisan bakers in Ontario and Quebec and we believe it belongs in every Ontario and Quebec health food store that actually sells real food. 




Grainfield's is an artisan bakery located in Markham, Ontario. Excellence in bread making since 1983. Organic, Yeast-Free and Wheat-Free Sourdough Breads for example Spelt, Kamut, and Rye. Making the most of Kamut, Spelt, Barley and Rye, Grainfield’s' is unsurpassed at providing delicious breads for those who love loaves of substance. For those who cannot have yeast or wheat, sugar and/or fat there is finally flavourful breads and other treats to make you happy. There is something for everyone. 

Inéwa Bakery’s mission is to provide baked goods and pastries that combine pleasure and health, we categorically refuse to lure consumers with misleading claims on packaging and marketing practices. 


The first way to enjoy Inéwa products is to read the ingredients. Their high fiber content combined with their low glycemic index make our breads an essential component of a balanced diet. Our products are certified organic and we use no preservatives, colorings or any chemical.


The second way to assess the Inéwa products is the great taste. this is where our products shine:  you will also find breads not commonly found like Spelt Apple Cranberry, Corn, Protein, Spelt & Buckwheat, Spelt bagels and Olive Ciabatta to name a few.  We also have a simply delicious line of individual wrapped muffins, healthy bars, and pastries.  Inewa delivers a great combination of organic breads and treats at a great price.  Enjoy!   


Vege-Hut  has been committed to the promotion of healthy living within the communities it serves since 1984. We are dedicated to providing home style quality, baked goods that are made from scratch on a daily basis. We believe in the use of high quality, simple ingredients without the addition of preservatives during the baking process. And we believe that by eating healthy and living healthy, we can all make strides to a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. 

Stonemill Bakehouse  is a family bakery with 100 years of experience crafting healthy, great tasting, and artisan breads. We are whole grain experts. Just as our name says, our organic whole grain is carefully stone milled into pure whole grain flour. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. As artisan bakers we bake our bread fresh, every day. Authentic, traditional artisan bread recipes and techniques are utilized to craft the best breads, baked with no added sugar or preservatives. Stonemill Bakehouse breads are also Tran’s fat free and best of all, taste great. Our bakery has evolved into Canada’s leading health and wellness bread specialist, with over 15 different types of breads made from only all natural and organic ingredients. 

Mestemacher  is actively involved in conservancy. As the first producer of packaged whole meal breads of controlled organic agriculture, we have been promoting the growth and existence of organically cultivating agriculturists for more than 14 years. Since the first production in our Gütersloh manufacturing facility with our own large mill, we have developed delicate flavours each year. Safeguarding the natural environment is vital and Mestemacher takes great pride in actively promoting the ecology and protecting nature.

Organic Certificate for our Organic Breads
We are one of the first producers of packaged whole meal bread and are proudly present the new organic certificate on our products. As a consequence, you, as the consumer, may be sure: All those products called organic are organic as a matter of fact. All our products, showing the organic certificate, have been produced in accordance with the EU Organic Farming Regulation. 

Essene Breads : Finally! A tasty, 100% sprouted certified organic grain bread, lovingly prepared without flour, yeast, or salt. Available breads are WHEAT, SPELT, KAMUT, and now RYE. This extremely nutritious bread is lovingly made by hand and slowly heated at a low temperature. The inside temperature of the bread doesn’t exceed 100 degrees, thus maintaining the needed enzymes for digestion. Every seed that is sprouted to make our Essene Health Bread is soaked in Ocean Grown’s “Ocean Solution”. “Ocean Solution” contains over 90 minerals in nature’s perfect balance to give our bread the best spark of life and the most nutrient density that nature will allow. 

Sha Sha Bakery  takes pride in contributing to the quality of life through promoting greater health. Our baking is a creative act of alchemy, combining the finest all natural ingredients - noble in their simplicity- with the passion and patience needed to develop tasty and healthy artisan products. Our bakery concentrates on a few carefully developed products that represent what we believe to be the essence of a well-balanced healthy lifestyle 


Circle of Life Bakery  started in late 2004 as a division ofGrainharvest Breadhouse Inc., with the goal to supply nutritious and tasty products to people with food allergies. All our baked goods are wheat free and most of them are gluten free as well, everything is produced in a separate facility, to insure that there is absolutely no cross contamination. Some years ago when people were diagnosed with allergies towards wheat and gluten (Celiac disease), the options of finding good tasting baked products were pretty limited. And that’s where the Circle of Life Bakery comes in to play to make a difference! Everything is made from scratch and we use only the best wholesome ingredients, to create healthy and delicious products. We refrain from using any additives and preservatives. But we do not just cater to people with food allergies; a lot of (non allergic) people over the years have come to appreciate our variety of cookies, muffins, bars and more, to support their healthy life style or simply because they enjoy them!Circle of Life stands for quality and our bakers are always dedicated to achieve that and also eager to continually expand the horizon in healthy food options. 

Passion Flour Specialty Bakery  was opened in 2002 by two graduates of the George Brown College baking program. They carefully hand make their cookies in small batches using very select quality ingredients from federally inspected suppliers. Gluten free flours are purchased only from gluten free mills. Kristines Original Energy Circle cookie, their best seller, is both nutritious and delicious. It has been shamelessly imitated but never duplicated.